kOZMIC Press is morphing into kOZMIC Creative! This change will allow for kOZMIC to focus on more than just books. kOZMIC began life in 2015 with the first publication of Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits and has continued to grow since then, with the addition of new editions of classic titles, a kids’ picture book, and new titles by other authors. In the last two years, though, founder R. Alan Siler has become more involved in podcasting, kOZMIC Press will continue as the book publishing arm, but will exist under the kOZMIC Creative umbrella. kOZMIC Creative will be the name under which podcasts are created and promoted, film and video projects are produced, and more. Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming book titles, podcasts, and for news about more projects coming soon. Til then, explore our reorganized menu above to learn more about us!

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