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Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits (Remastered): A Guide to the Best Episodes From Time and Space

Paperback, 580 pages, $25.00

A race of war machines who conquer the Earth in the 22nd Century; a brilliant painter who perceives the world in a unique way; a reptilian species that sees the Earth as theirs and intends to reclaim it; an archaeology professor who never meets the Doctor in the right order; a dangerous world leader who bears a striking resemblance to the Doctor; amphibious aliens with the ability to shape shift; a murderous mummy on a space train; and the first woman to marry in Pakistan. With over 55 years of television stories, Doctor Who has introduced its audience to some of the strangest creatures, weirdest places, and most dangerous times. This brand-new, fully updated edition of Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits takes a loving look at some of the Doctor’s most memorable adventures. From the show’s very first episode (“An Unearthly Child” in 1963) to its most recent (“Resolution” in 2019), this book has something for everyone, whether you’re new to the show or a long-time viewer.

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Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who

Paperback, 360 pages, $20.00

The Doctor’s Companions. They’ve been through Dalek Invasions, Android Invasions, Zygon Invasions and Christmas Invasions. They ask questions, get in trouble, get out of trouble, and challenge the Doctor to think and act in new (usually better) ways. Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who features profiles of companions from all formats of Doctor Who: television, novels, comics and audio dramas. Our contributors include well-known authors, four librarians, two ukelelists, a playwright, podcasters, publishers, students, and the writers and artists behind some of the Doctor’s companions.

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Facing the Raven: Doctor Who Series Nine in Review

Paperback, 180 pages, $10.00

By taking the best of modern Doctor Who (like character drama and series-long story arcs) and the best of classic Doctor Who (multi-episode stories, cliffhangers, fewer modern-Earth settings, etc) 2015 gave us one of the greatest seasons the venerable show has ever produced. Facing the Raven: Doctor Who Series Nine In Review includes an overview of the series’ themes, in-depth analyses of each episode, exhaustive background details, a timeline of events leading up to the broadcast of the season, and exclusive interviews with director Rachel Talalay, scriptwriter Jamie Mathieson, prosthetic effects producer Kate Walshe, and creature performer Jon Davey.

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War of the Worlds Plus Two Other Tales of Mars

Paperback, 220 pages, $8.00

The citizens of Woking busy themselves in their daily routines and life trundles on much as it does every day … until the fall of the first meteor in Horsell Common. After that, everything changes. The meteors prove to be metal cylinders from which emerge the most hideous of creatures intent on wiping us out. Everything from that point on becomes a matter of survival. Is there any hope for humanity in the face of a powerful enemy?

From H. G. Wells comes three terrifying stories of our closest neighbors in the solar system and their plan to conquer Earth.In “The Star” they monitor us. In “The Crystal Egg” they spy on us. In The War of the Worlds they attack us.

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