About kOZMIC

kozmiclogokOZMIC Press began life in August, 2015 with the announcement of its first book, Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits: An Unauthorized Guide to the Best Stories From Time and Space. Book two, Facing the Raven: A Review of Doctor Who Series Nine, was released in 2018. A third book, Star Trek’s Greatest Hits: A Guide to the Best Episodes From the Final Frontier, is an ongoing project that will be completed at some point in between other projects. In November of 2017, kOZMIC Press announced a new anthology, Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who, which was released May 2018. A completely revised edition of Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits was released November 2019.

Two imprints were announced in November 2019: kOZMIC Kids and kOZMIC Classics. kK will publish the occasional book aimed at the children’s market, starting with the picture book Lucy Can’t Dance by R. Alan Siler and illustrator Stephanie Jackson. kC will focus on new editions of classic works, launching with two sci-fi classics by H. G. Wells, The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine.

In April 2021, kOZMIC announced the first major expansion of it’s author stable, with the promise of three new books being released that year: a Biography, a Teen Novel, and a new Classic Edition. The first of those, Who Cares?: My Life With Tom Baker, was released the following month.

R. Alan Siler grew up in Central FL with a love of animals, art and music. His first sci-fi love was Lost in Space and monster movies. Some friends dragged him to a theater to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Con and he immediately became a Trekker. In 1983 he saw Doctor Who for the first time—“The Five Doctors” on November 23—and everything changed. He soaked up as much as he could about Doctor Who—something much harder to do in the pre-internet age. Upon moving to Atlanta, he founded the local Doctor Who fan club, the Atlanta Gallifreyans, in 2004. He co-founded a Doctor Who convention, TimeGate (later rebranded as WHOlanta), in 2005 (coincidentally on the same day as “Rose” debuted). Through WHOlanta and Dragon Con (where he’s been on staff since 2008), Alan has had the opportunity to interview Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Paul McGann, Michelle Gomez, Katy Manning, Janet Fielding, Sophie Aldred Robert Allsopp, Dominic Glynn and many other Doctor Who personalities. He is a contributor to the second volume in the Doctor Who and Philosophy series (2015, Open Court Press) and OUTSIDE IN Makes it So: 174 New Perspectives on 174 Star Trek: TNG Stories by 174 Writers (2017, ATB Publishing). He’s written tons of music, television and movie reviews for 25 Years Later and Target Audience Magazine, and has contributed an essay to KISS and Philosophy: Wiser Than Hell (2020, Open Court Press). He currently lives in Atlanta.

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