Dragon Con!

Dragon Con, Inc | LinkedIn

Dragon Con 2021 takes place first weekend in September. Author / Owner R. Alan Siler will be appearing on a number of panels on topics as varied as Doctor Who, the Avengers, David Bowie, Neil Gaiman, 80s New Wave, and more. He’ll be promoting kOZMIC and all of our titles. Hope to see you there!

Full appearance schedule:

Star Trek Essays (11:30am)
Vengeance in Doctor Who (2:30pm)

British Literature: Adaptations and Gaiman (10:00am)
Classic Series Doctor Who (1:00pm)
Scary Monsters: Bowie and Horror (7:00pm)
Mrs. Peel, We’re Needed: The Other Avengers (10:00pm)

From OMD to Duran Duran: 40 Years of New Wave (4:00pm)

Doctor Who and the Canon of Social Media (11:30am)

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