Children of Time: Available Now!


After a very successful launch at the WHOlanta Convention (May 4-6, 2018), Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who is now available for wide release. Children of Time covers 88 of the Doctor’s Companions, Friends and Associates from the television show, comics, novels and audio adventures.

The Doctor’s Companions: The school teachers, the kiss-o-gram, the journalist, the savage huntress, the shop girl, the stewardess, the doctor in training, the alien mathematics wizard, the Best Temp in Chiswick (100 words per minute!), the Scottish Highlander, the form-altering android and even the robot dog! Such a wonderfully varied collection of characters from all times and places. And that’s just from the television series! It gets even weirder when you start to consider the companions from the comic books, the novels and the audio adventures. There, you encounter a murder lizard from a world with no time, an amphibian warrior-queen who quotes Star Trek, a shapeshifting private detective who usually assumes the appearance of a penguin, a Cyberman with a soul, a Dalek-hunting mercenary, and even a talking horse. The companions are an incredibly diverse lot. No wonder audiences have been so drawn to them since the show’s origin in 1963. They’re us. Yes, even the talking horse is us. They’re the ones who get to travel with the Doctor, share in his adventures, and see the wonders of the universe. All the things we wish we could do.

Proceeds from sales of Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who are donated to Furkids, Georgia’s Largest Animal Rescue and No-Kill Shelter.

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