Upcoming Release Schedule


The problems with already having three books in the works at the same time and then adding a fourth on top of that is that a) it’s hard to get any one of them done in a timely manner, and b) then they all tend to get released at the same time! Here’s an update on all the projects in the pipeline:

Facing the Raven: Doctor Who Series Nine in Review: Taking elements that made both Classic and New Doctor Who successful, and combining them with a lead actor that embodied both series, made Series Nine an incredibly special season. The book includes reviews of each episode, in-depth background information on each one, and exclusive interviews with special effects makeup artist Kate Walshe, monster performer Jon Davey, scriptwriter Jamie Matheison, and director Rachel Talalay. Releasing March 2018

Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor WhoThis anthology covers nearly 80 of the Doctor’s assistants, associates and friends, covering characters from television, comics, novels and audio. Contributors include actors from the show (Katy ManningDaphne Ashbrook and a third TBA who has written the book’s introduction), character creators from Big Finish (Iain McLaughlin, who created Princess Erimem, and Matthew J. Elliot, creator of the Sixth Doctor’s newest companion, Mathew Sharpe), plus well known artists, authors, and fans of all stripes. Sales of the book go to support Furkids, Inc. Learn more by visiting the book’s page. Releasing first weekend of May at the WHOlanta Convention.

Star Trek’s Greatest Hits: A Guide to the Best Episodes From The Final FrontierThe second book in our Greatest Hits series takes on the iconic Star Trek in all of its various television incarnations. Reviews of the 50 best episodes, background details of each, and fan “personal log” remembrances. Coming Summer 2018

Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits: A Guide to the Best Episodes From Time and Space: The first book we ever released gets a fresh coat of paint and a major update for the show’s 55th anniversary, bringing it up to date through the end of the Peter Capaldi era. The book covers the ground in between the very first episode, “An Unearthly Child”, to the last one broadcast, “Twice Upon a Time.” Includes reviews of the 55 best episodes, background details on each, plus recommendations for further exploration. Update will be released Fall of 2018 (hopefully!)

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