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A new essay collection celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be released on September 28 – the day of the anniversary – and includes an entry by R. Alan Siler called “A Glimmer of Hope.” It’s about the Season One episode “Haven” and addresses a turning point for both Counselor Troi and the series itself. The collection includes contributions from great writers like Keith R. A. deCandido, Rich Handley, Jim Beard, Robert Greenberger, David A. McIntee and many others. All proceeds from sale of the book go to support AVERT: AVERTing HIV and AIDS, a worthy cause, and all contributing authors waived fees in order to fully support this charity.

From ATB Publishing:


Put ten Star Trek fans in a room and you’ll wind up with eleven opinions, 47 heated debates about the nature of the Holodeck and somebody cosplaying Worf in a transporter accident with the Crystalline Entity. That’s because Star Trek fans are gloriously weird, uniquely different and sometimes entirely outlandish. And so is this book.

Celebrating 30 years of Star Trek: The Next GenerationOutside In Makes It So is a collection of 174 reviews, one for every story of the show, the four movies and a few bonus extras. Well, we say “reviews,” but we mean that loosely: within these pages, you’ll find scripts, recipes, a Monty Python sketch, a psych test, gossip columns, newspaper ads, a sitcom, a eulogy and a daily log from Riker’s beard, not to mention insightful and thoughtful articles examining Picard-era Star Trek from just about every angle imaginable…and then some!

Provocative, engrossing, hilarious and utterly gonzo. These aren’t your father’s reviews.

You can order your copy at the ATB Publishing website.

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