Book Talks / Signing

Had two great events at Hello Again Books in Cocoa, FL this past week! On Wednesday, June 2, I talked about the history of Doctor Who and featured not only my books, but the hot-off-the-press copies of Courtland Lewis’ Who Cares: My Life With Tom Baker. Then on Saturday, June 5, I did a Lucy Can’t Dance story time and dance party! Both events were super fun, and a big shout out to Amy and MerryBeth, the owners, for inviting me!


“I really liked the emotional connection Courtland established with readers in the book. The pacing is good too. I think his background in philosophy makes it more interesting than other books that are in this ouevre.” Author / Radio Host Rob Levy

“June 11, 2018 was a fairly typical summer day in western Kentucky: hot, muggy, and probably a few rain showers. The one big difference was that Tom Baker’s Doctor Who serial ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ was broadcast in local theaters. So, after enjoying a pleasant meal at a local restaurant, I sat down in the theater’s comfy recliners with a ‘sonic screwdriver’ and enjoyed the 40-foot-tall mass of curls and teeth that is Tom Baker. With glee in my heart, I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to write a book about Tom Baker.’”

As a young boy, Courtland Lewis’ television viewing revolved around cartoons, sitcoms, variety shows, and Jerry Lewis movies. But one evening he sat down on the linoleum floor of his grandparents’ home to watch a show—and a lead actor—that would captivate his imagination. Discovering Doctor Who stands out as a seminal moment in his life, one that stayed with him through early years of rebellion, romance and near-death experiences and helped him become who he is today: husband, father, teacher, mentor, adventurer, and explorer. Having written extensively on Doctor Who, Courtland turns his attention in Who Cares?: My Life With Tom Baker to the show‘s eccentric, electrifying star and the inspiration and influence he’s had on Courtland’s life.

To read more about Who Cares?: My Life With Tom Baker by Courtland D. Lewis, visit the book webpage!

LUCY in the Wild!

Very excited to see Lucy Can’t Dance on the big picture book display wall at Barnes & Noble – Perimeter in Atlanta! Thank you to the BN Perimeter team who ordered in copies and added them to this highly visible display. Copies will be arriving at Barnes & Noble – Mall of Georgia very soon as well! Doesn’t Lucy look super cool on the shelf next to Beyoncé?? Couldn’t ask for better placement than that! If you’re in the Atlanta area and haven’t picked up a copy of Lucy yet, please pay a visit to one of these two stores and grab a copy! Or check your local BN and see if they have copies! For more information about Lucy Can’t Dance, check out our kOZMIC Kids Page!

New Titles on the Horizon!

kOZMIC Press announces plans for three new titles to be released in 2021, two of which represent the first expansion of kOZMIC’s author stable. The first is a new biographical work by an established author and editor, followed by a teen historical novel set in Portugal, written by a first-time author. In addition, a third title is being added to the kOZMIC Classics line. Details on all these projects will be released in coming weeks.

11/13 – Lucy Story Time!

Are you ready for story time? Join us on our Facebook Page Friday morning, November 13, at 10am (Eastern) to see author R. Alan Siler read LUCY CAN’T DANCE (with illustrations by Stephanie Lane Jackson) to his adorable niece and nephew! If you miss it live, you can always access it on our Facebook Page at any time, and the video will be uploaded here as well.

Order LUCY here:

Another Great Lucy Review!

Another lovely review for Lucy Can’t Dance, this time from Amy Elkavich, co-owner of Hello Again Books in Cocoa, FL:

There’s something universal about dancing. Lucy Can’t Dance takes the struggle of being different and turns it into a joyful celebration that promotes a positive message: be yourself. Lucy is a six-year-old girl who loves all kinds of dancing. She tries to learn how to dance, but each unsuccessful attempt leaves her frustrated and self-conscious. With some help from her mom, Lucy realizes that hiding her own style of dance isn’t much fun, so she decides to take a chance… and dance! This heartwarming story embraces uniqueness and celebrates differences. Lucy, a lover of chocolate cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles, finds her groove and inspires all of us to start dancing!

Thank you, Amy! And readers, if you find yourself in the Cocoa area, drop by Hello Again. It’s a sweet little store full of heart and love and BOOKS!

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