The Companions: A New Anthology in the Works


kOZMIC Press is now seeking contributors for a new anthology, tentatively entitled Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who. This anthology will feature new essays covering each television companion and as many companions from Big Finish, comics and novels as possible. Proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to FurKids, Inc, an animal rescue and no-kill shelter in Atlanta, GA. Because just like Jamie, Tegan, Rose, Donna and Charley are the Doctor’s companions pets are our companions. Please click here to learn more.


Facing the Raven: A Review of Doctor Who Series Nine

CoverFinal-flattenedThe second book from R. Alan Siler is nearly ready for release! Review copies have arrived from the printer and will be combed through thoroughly! Facing the Raven: A Review of Doctor Who Series Nine is an in-depth examination of one of the best seasons of Doctor Who in the modern era. It was a season that changed everything about the show’s formula and produced some amazing television.

By taking the best of modern Doctor Who (like character drama and series-long story arcs) and the best of classic Doctor Who (multi-episode stories, cliffhangers, etc.) 2015 gave of one of the greatest seasons the venerable show has ever produced.

The book includes an overview of the season, an analysis of each episode, tons of behind-the-scenes facts, a timeline of events leading up to the debut, and interviews with the people who make the magic happen: writers, special effects techs, performers, and more.

R. Alan Siler will be previewing the book at DragonCon, Sept 1-4 2017, in Atlanta, GA. The target release date for the book is Monday, October 2. It’s the first book in a series that will cover all the key seasons of Doctor Who.

DragonCon Schedule

Image result for dragoncon logoI will be appearing at DragonCon on Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. DragonCon is one of the largest mixed-genre conventions in the country. I will be appearing on numerous panels on Doctor Who, Class, and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detection Agency. the DragonCon BritTrack. This is my second year as an attending professional, following over ten years as a BritTrack staffer. I’m most looking forward to interviewing Michael Eklund from Dirk Gently, plus appearing on the Classic Doctor Who panel, which is my favorite panel to do every year. My schedule is below:

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Coming Soon

A new essay collection celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be released on September 28 – the day of the anniversary – and includes an entry by R. Alan Siler called “A Glimmer of Hope.” It’s about the Season One episode “Haven” and addresses a turning point for both Counselor Troi and the series itself. The collection includes contributions from great writers like Keith R. A. deCandido, Rich Handley, Jim Beard, Robert Greenberger, David A. McIntee and many others. All proceeds from sale of the book go to support AVERT: AVERTing HIV and AIDS, a worthy cause, and all contributing authors waived fees in order to fully support this charity.

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