Children of Time Video Series

We know a lot of folks are stuck at home right now — either in quarantine, or because of work from home, or under county/city/state orders to stay home — so as a way of helping to provide some entertainment, we’re launching a new video series starting March 31. Authors who contributed chapters to Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who will be from their chapters and talking about the companion they wrote about. The videos will be available on our YouTube Channel and will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter. We hope you enjoy getting to know some of our authors and the companions that they love! Watch for tomorrow’s video!

War of the Worlds

kOZMIC Press launches it’s line of Classics with a collection of three works by H. G. Wells. Terror rains down from the skies onto the English town of Woking, and everything changes in an instant. This collection includes the novel The War of the Worlds along with the short stories “The Star” and “The Crystal Egg,” plus a new introduction piecing the three together. This edition will be available in April from kOZMIC Classics.