#64 – Two or Three Hit Wonders


You always hear about one-hit wonders . . . well, what about two- or three-hit wonders?

This week the Modern Musicology team (Anthony Williams, Stepanie Seymour and Rob Levy) talks about those acts that made it beyond one hit. But what makes a two- or three-hit wonder? Some bands had a handful of singles and that was it for them, never to be heard from again. But then a massive band with a huge album catalog like Deep Purple, Judas Priest and Pink Floyd also only had a couple of Top 40 hits. And what about bands that were massive on MTV but didn’t get much radio play? We cover it all! We talk about such diverse acts as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Skid Row, the Hooters, the Motels, the Knack, Fine Young Cannibals, Men Without Hats, and many more! Remember “Jackie Blue” by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils?? We sure do!

What band is your favorite two- or three-hit wonder? Let us know! Drop us a line at modernmusicology1@gmail.com or leave a comment wherever you find our episode! And don’t forget to rate us on your favorite podcast app!

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