#62 – TONY LEVIN Interview


This week we had the extraordinary honor of chatting with the legendary Tony Levin! We talk with Mr. Levin about the imminent release of the new Peter Gabriel album and his preparations for the upcoming Peter Gabriel tour. He then regales us with stories from throughout his impressive career, from his early days studying jazz and classical to his most recent tour with his own band, Stick Men. Along the way, we hear about his invention of Funk Fingers, getting kicked out of Buddy Rich‘s band, the challenge of playing with three drummers at once in King Crimson, meeting David Bowie in his underwear, composing a song using the name of every drummer he’d ever worked with, being produced by Daniel Lanois, and much more. He also talks about his writing and photography. 

You can learn more about Tony, check tour dates, and see his newest photo project at www.tonylevin.com

Did you enjoy this interview? Are you stoked about the Peter Gabriel tour? Let us know! Drop us a line at modernmusicology1@gmail.com or leave a comment wherever you find our episode! And don’t forget to rate us on your favorite podcast app!

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